Monday, July 18, 2016

Amenities at The Seadar Inn By The Sea (They Suck, Too!)

Amenities of Seadar Inn By The Sea

The folks at the Seadar Inn by the Sea in Harwich Port on Cape Cod are unwelcoming and are downright rude.  Innkeeper Michael Hanover treated my family as a burden and certainly didn't welcome us with a warm embrace.  And things got worse from there.

The amenities that the Seadar Inn by the Sea boasts of include:

Can you tell that we're not fans of Seadar Inn in Harwich on Cape Cod?  Or the Innkeeper Michael?  Do yourself a HUGE favor and book your dream vacation somewhere else!  Seriously!!

Broken Televisions At The Seadar Inn By The Sea

We took our vacation to the Seadar Inn by the Sea recently and had all sorts of problems.  Listen...we know, we know:  watching television shouldn't be a priority when you are on vacation and we totally get that.  We don't watch a ton of television when there is a beach outside of our door or a town like Harwich Port that you can walk to for lunch.  But...there *are* times during a vacation when you simply want to watch television:  like when you are waiting for your wife to get ready for a wedding and you are sitting around in your tuxedo and just want to watch a little ESPN Sports Center.

But, if you are staying at the Seadar Inn by the Sea in Harwich, guess what?  No SportsCenter for you!  The tvs just flat out don't work.

That's a photo we took while we were there of the television that says "Weak or No Signal", but we didn't want people to NOT believe us that we were actually there at the Seadar Inn by the Sea so we held up the little "Welcome Packet" that shows the name of the Inn.  By the way...and this is for another post - this 'Welcome Packet' from the Innkeeper Michael Hanover didn't show up until our third day of staying at the Seadar Inn.

Broken televisions:  another reason that the Seadar Inn Sucks.  Do yourself a favor:  don't stay here when you are coming to Cape Cod.  Seriously...don't stay at the Seadar Inn.

Seadar Inn - Harwich Port - Is The Worst

The Seadar Inn By the Sea is located in lovely Harwich Port, Massachusetts which is on Cape Cod and - with traffic - about two and a half hours from Boston Logan Airport.

And, without a doubt, you should NOT stay here. Seriously. We stayed recently and were greeted in the most rude way possibly by Michael Hanover - the Inn Keeper who started at the Seadar Inn by the Sea in 2008 - who threatened to 'throw us off his property' because we had the gall to show up later than his 6 pm checkin time.

Seadar Inn address: 1 Braddock St, Harwich Port, MA 02646

Is the beach close?  Yes.  Can you walk to town?  Yes.  

Should you stay here?  No.  Not ever.  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Beach At Seadar Inn Harwich Port

The beach is very close to the Seadar Inn, but you'll have to figure that out on your own.  Just walk out of the main building at the Seadar Inn and head towards the parking lot for the public beach.  Keep walking and you'll arrive at the beach.  On both sides, there are signs that say 'private beach', but after talking to some folks, that means the beach area up close to their homes/inns.  Down by the ocean?  That's not private.  As the security guard at the Wychmere Beach Club told us in his Jamaican accent: "nobody owns the ocean"!?!?

So, if you find yourself stuck at the Seadar Inn with the rude Michael Hanover the Innkeeper - do yourself a favor and head down the beach to the less crowded sections.  Plant your beach chair and your umbrella down by the waterside and put your feet in the ocean.  You're going to be fine there.

The beach is quite nice and it faces Nantucket Sound.  It is littered with sea life including lots and lots of shells and kelp/seaweed, but don't worry about it.  There are plenty of spots that are debris free. us.  Enjoy this beach, but don't do it while staying at the Seadar Inn by the Sea in Harwich Port on Cape Cod.  Instead...go to the Inn on the Beach in Harwich Port, Massachusetts.  It is right next door to the Seadar Inn and - frankly - doesn't suck.

If you can book there instead of the Seadar Inn, do it.  It is closer to the beach and you don't have to deal with the rude Innkeeper Michael, your cable will probably work and the rooms won't smell moldy and musty.  

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Love Tiny Showers? Then You'll Love The Rooms At The Seadar Inn

Seadar Inn By The Sea Bathrooms

If you can imagine a situation where the bathroom in your room at the Seadar Inn is so small that you can be taking a shower, while brushing your teeth in the sink while sitting on the toilet all at the same time, then you can picture the bathrooms at the Seadar Inn by the Sea in Harwich Port on Cape Cod.

We're not large people - but if we were - I would think that we wouldn't quite fit in the shower.  Your belly would be touching one wall and your rear end would be sticking out the curtain side all at the same time.

Imagine a three foot wide by five foot long room with basically a drain in the floor and a curtain.  That's the bathroom.  Prison bathrooms have something on the bathrooms at the Seadar Inn.

I will tell you, we stayed in just one room:  room 18.  And I can only speak for *that* room at the Seadar Inn, so maybe, just maybe, Innkeeper Michael - who treated us soooooo rudely at check-in - was keeping the 'nice' bathrooms for other guests?  I'm doubtful.

Add a tiny shower to the list of amenities at the Seadar Inn along with a stinky, moldy room at the Seadar Inn and broken televisions.

The photo above is NOT of the shower in the Seadar Inn.  Rather, it is just an image that we used via Google Image search.

What's That Smell At The Seadar Inn?

Seadar Inn by the Sea Harwich Port Rooms've found yourself in a terrible position:  you've booked a room to stay at the Seadar Inn in Harwich Port on Cape Cod. after you've, unfortunately, settled into your room and you're beginning to wonder what the smell is in and around your room?

Oh...that?  It is just the natural must and mildew that comes with a place like the Seadar Inn.  Innkeeper Michael Hanover will tell you - rather inpolitely - that the Seadar Inn is NOT a hotel, rather it is an Inn.  And the smell?  Tough cookies.

Do NOT stay at the Seadar Inn.  Unless you like rooms with broken televisions and stinky, mildew smells.  Don't be fooled by the romantic notion of staying at an Inn.  If you are, stay somewhere else.  NOT at the Seadar Inn.  It sucks.