Saturday, July 16, 2016

What's That Smell At The Seadar Inn?

Seadar Inn by the Sea Harwich Port Rooms've found yourself in a terrible position:  you've booked a room to stay at the Seadar Inn in Harwich Port on Cape Cod. after you've, unfortunately, settled into your room and you're beginning to wonder what the smell is in and around your room?

Oh...that?  It is just the natural must and mildew that comes with a place like the Seadar Inn.  Innkeeper Michael Hanover will tell you - rather inpolitely - that the Seadar Inn is NOT a hotel, rather it is an Inn.  And the smell?  Tough cookies.

Do NOT stay at the Seadar Inn.  Unless you like rooms with broken televisions and stinky, mildew smells.  Don't be fooled by the romantic notion of staying at an Inn.  If you are, stay somewhere else.  NOT at the Seadar Inn.  It sucks.

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