Saturday, July 16, 2016

Love Tiny Showers? Then You'll Love The Rooms At The Seadar Inn

Seadar Inn By The Sea Bathrooms

If you can imagine a situation where the bathroom in your room at the Seadar Inn is so small that you can be taking a shower, while brushing your teeth in the sink while sitting on the toilet all at the same time, then you can picture the bathrooms at the Seadar Inn by the Sea in Harwich Port on Cape Cod.

We're not large people - but if we were - I would think that we wouldn't quite fit in the shower.  Your belly would be touching one wall and your rear end would be sticking out the curtain side all at the same time.

Imagine a three foot wide by five foot long room with basically a drain in the floor and a curtain.  That's the bathroom.  Prison bathrooms have something on the bathrooms at the Seadar Inn.

I will tell you, we stayed in just one room:  room 18.  And I can only speak for *that* room at the Seadar Inn, so maybe, just maybe, Innkeeper Michael - who treated us soooooo rudely at check-in - was keeping the 'nice' bathrooms for other guests?  I'm doubtful.

Add a tiny shower to the list of amenities at the Seadar Inn along with a stinky, moldy room at the Seadar Inn and broken televisions.

The photo above is NOT of the shower in the Seadar Inn.  Rather, it is just an image that we used via Google Image search.

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