Monday, July 18, 2016

Broken Televisions At The Seadar Inn By The Sea

We took our vacation to the Seadar Inn by the Sea recently and had all sorts of problems.  Listen...we know, we know:  watching television shouldn't be a priority when you are on vacation and we totally get that.  We don't watch a ton of television when there is a beach outside of our door or a town like Harwich Port that you can walk to for lunch.  But...there *are* times during a vacation when you simply want to watch television:  like when you are waiting for your wife to get ready for a wedding and you are sitting around in your tuxedo and just want to watch a little ESPN Sports Center.

But, if you are staying at the Seadar Inn by the Sea in Harwich, guess what?  No SportsCenter for you!  The tvs just flat out don't work.

That's a photo we took while we were there of the television that says "Weak or No Signal", but we didn't want people to NOT believe us that we were actually there at the Seadar Inn by the Sea so we held up the little "Welcome Packet" that shows the name of the Inn.  By the way...and this is for another post - this 'Welcome Packet' from the Innkeeper Michael Hanover didn't show up until our third day of staying at the Seadar Inn.

Broken televisions:  another reason that the Seadar Inn Sucks.  Do yourself a favor:  don't stay here when you are coming to Cape Cod.  Seriously...don't stay at the Seadar Inn.

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